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"Newspaper ad for the all-star Special that featured Barrymore's 1948 CAROL.

Weekend premiere: Craig Wichman shares another Lionel Barrymore treat: the rarely heard 1948 performance of “A Christmas Carol”


NOTE: Our apologies for the network outage due to third party Comcast on Saturday night. This special weekend holiday show schedule continues as planned, with missed programs repeating overnight (2 AM EST on) and again on Monday at 2 PM. We will repeat any missed shows beginning at 2 p.m. Monday[…]

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Weekend Premiere: Craig Wichman and Max Schmid’s talk on “A Christmas Carol” for Radio – airs 4 times November 28-29th

Noir Dame Radio is thrilled to announce a new special added to our line-up, with part one premiering the weekend of November 28th and 29th, thanks to our friend Craig Wichman, of Quicksilver Radio Theater. Wichman and long-time radio host Max Schmid, of New York’s “Golden Age of Radio”, have graciously[…]

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Welcome to Our New Station! began as a ecommerce site retailing classic media – silent films, ’50s kinescopes from TV, old time radio – and modern audiodrama. Then it evolved into Noir Dame Productions, producing audio drama and video live and for distribution online. Now, after the purchase and transition of the Sound Stages[…]

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