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Beautiful Spot of the Day: Come see the Aurora

An awesome group of photos here, at a CBC photo gallery illustrating studies on the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. (A long way away from the scary Quiet Please story!)


Retro travel choices, off the beaten track

There’s some fascinating travel articles in the Washington Post this weekend, perfect for fans of retro, popular history and pop culture to check out this weekend.

First is an intriguing look at New York’s historic underbelly – featuring lurid tabloid tales of the past, such as the murder that inspired Poe’s story “The Mystery of Marie Roget”, to speakeasies of the 1920s. At $10, it’s a lot cheaper these days than visiting museums!

The author also recommends a visit to Chumley’s, a former speakeasy which was later a favorite haunt of Orson Welles. Since Welles loved to write late into the night, especially while surrounded by food, would-be wordsmiths may want to head there for a pint – and maybe a plate.

If you like pink flamingos and campy fun, then don’t miss the article on Florida’s unique tourist attractions – to be seen while they last. We’re talking the unique stuff that can only be found in Florida: Weeki Watchee’s mermaids (the dinner club scene in the 1963 epic “Where the Boys Are” only hints at the humor and very real work a “mermaid” does in performance) and the sponge divers of Tarpon Springs (so campily presented in “Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef” …a flick released seven years before “Where the Boys Are”, in which Robert Wagner is hilariously miscast as an ebullient, strutting sponge diver). Of course, if you thought “Pink Flamingos” (the movie) was funny, you might like the Sponge Divers’ Nightmare.

Much more can be found at the Roadside America website, on the page featuring Florida’s oddball attractions.

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